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Frequently Asked Questions About Our MossArt

How is MossArt different than a Living Wall?

A living wall is beautiful, but requires a lot of work to keep it so!

Our Preserved MossArt is virtually maintenance free. Because our plants are naturally preserved, our pieces do not require water or light, so they can be used in areas without daylight, such as wine cellars. They do not attract insects, give off allergens or need expensive grow lights, fertilizer or chemicals… No onsite plumbing or reinforced walls!

What happens if my MossArt gets dusty?

Simply use a blow dryer on no heat setting or a keyboard air blower and gently blow the dust off.

Some of my Moss has stiffened, what can I do to make it soft again?

Certain Mosses, mainly Reindeer Moss can become dry and stiff if the room is very low in humidity. A light misting of water from a spray bottle will soften them up in no time. Dry, stiff Reindeer Moss is really only noticeable when touched and visually, you probably could never tell.

MossArt Center Piece Frequently Asked Questions
MossArt Center Piece

Can I place my MossArt outside?

Our preserved MossArt is intended for indoor use only. Rain, snow and high winds would damage the MossArt.

Can I hang my MossArt anywhere indoors?

The only place we would advise against would be directly in front of a window. Too much direct sunlight could cause the moss to fade.

What does your preserved moss & plants look like compared to real moss & plants?

There isn’t much difference at all in the look and feel between the two! Our preserved mosses & plants maintain the soft textures, flexibility and vibrant colors of live moss & plants, keeping the integrity of their natural details. The difference is in what it takes to keep it looking so fresh – with our preserved moss & plants there is almost zero upkeep!

Where do you get your moss, is it sustainable?

We source our moss from various suppliers and even grow and preserve our own in Nova Scotia, Canada. All our preserved moss & plants are sustainably harvested with the bulk of it coming from Scandinavia. Our driftwood and branches are collected locally in Nova Scotia.

Do you offer custom MossArt pieces?

Absolutely! We love working with our customers or designers in making their vision come to life!